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    Content Containers and IWP?



      Content Containers and IWP?


      I feel like I can't stay out of these forums today...

      I currently have a personnel database set up which includes the person's photo and hiring documentation (four PDFs, each in its own container) in interactive content containers - just drag & drop.

      Is this drag & drop feature available through IWP?  If so, how would I set this up?  If not, what would I need to do for people to be able to import personnel photos and documentation?

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               Not only can you not drag and drop, you can't insert into the container field either. It's one of the key reasons why a third party tool called SuperContainer was developed.

               PS, if you are using Drag and Drop in Windows, Filemaker 11 to put files in containers, I strongly recommend that you not use drag and drop. Drag and drop in that environment does an "insert object" action to put an embedded OLE object into the container field. While this makes it easy to open the file via doubleclick, there is no way to extract the file from the container except by manually double clicking each container field one at a time...

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                 THANK YOU, as always, for your quick and knowledable response!

                 I am constantly disappointed by the limitations of IWP.  They really want you to just go ahead and purchase FM.  Makes sense, I suppose.


                 We do have a few users using Windows, however, we are all on FM 12.  Will this still be an issue?

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                   As Far as I know, this is still an issue in FM 12 with Instant Web Publishing, but 12 does offer better options for accessing container field data over the local network than earlier versions. Check out the external storage option that you can now use with container fields.

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                     Another question on this topic:  We've been using IWP for a few weeks now, and it turns out that we do need the containers to be fully accessible online.  Due to budget constraints, it really is not feasible for each department to purchase FM, and this is why we opted to purchase FM Server Adv., and went the IWP route.

                     Now that we've discovered that content containers are not accessible (can't upload, etc.) through the browser, we want to investigate how the Super Containers work for us.

                     Do you have any suggestions, things to look out for, etc., as we try to migrate to the plugin?  Are there any cons in using the SuperContainer as opposed to the native Content Containers?

                     Thank you so much!

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                       I have not personally used this product. I just know that it is a product that adds this missing functionality to FileMaker. You may want to contact the developer for SuperContainer or ask that question on TechNet to get an answer from someone who has used the product.