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Content Management

Question asked by PhilipIrving_1 on Apr 24, 2015
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Content Management


We have a current Filemaker database we use to log and track data on the progress of jobs in the field based on a customised "Time Billing" starter solution which is evolving as we get more familiar with Filemaker capabilities.

We have historically stored the numerous documents and evidence photos associated with each job in a separate file system on the server. Staff find relevant documents by eyeballing the file or folder names looking for the Job number.

I looked at adding a new tab in the existing Time billing solution with a portal containing records allowing the storing on "n" relevant documents but once loaded the documents cannot be viewed or double clicked to open. Exporting to read a PDF seems like a lot of fiddling around taking more time than just eyeballing the documents in the file system folders.

I have looked at the Content Management starter solution and it looks great for dragging and dropping and scrolling through pdf documents right in the window in FileMaker.

I am wondering if a plausible simple solution for us to link relevant documents to each job for the future would be to somehow link a Content Management table to each Job in the Time Billing Table?

How would I go about integrating the Content Management view into a tab associated with the individual job?