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Content Management template: description field won't resize

Question asked by ForkMedia on Apr 15, 2014
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Content Management template: description field won't resize


     I'm a new user and started a new database with the Content Management template. I created a duplicate of the Content Details layout and used the Manager menu item to add some new fields to the database. I deleted the revisions field and related stuff off the layout and moved my fields and field labels into the new empty space under the description field.

     When I go to Browse view, the description field overlays the new fields. I went back to Layout view and made the description field smaller and later I made it a non-scrolling field but no matter what I do, after I save and go to Browse, I get the description field taking up several inches of real estate under any other fields on the form. If I move the description field, resize it, do anything except delete it, it still maintains its specific size. I have quit FileMaker 12 and restarted but it maintains its size no matter what I do. I must be missing something obvious. Note: I have tried other fields and when I resize them they stay resized in Browse view.