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Contents of Tables.

Question asked by TuxfordC on Jun 19, 2012
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Contents of Tables.


As a relative newbie to FM, I'm writing a small database to keep track of periodic donations to a non-profit group.  As these donations may be claimed for tax exemptions the database must retain data for at least seven years and I am womderinghow best to structure the Tables. For a start  there is onefor names, addresses etc of the donors. This is linked to a related table containing dates and amounts through a common ID number field.  I need the ability to extract totals, averages for individuals, or the whole group over various time periods. The calculations for these extracts, and the printing are no great problem (I programmed in Pascal for over 30 years) but I  would some guidance on how to deal with the extra fields used in these calculations, to keep the overall database from getting too big.  Do I create another Table to hold fields for totals, averages etc. or should they be added to the  dates/amounts table?