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Continuous Backup of ALL Records

Question asked by Hagar_1 on Oct 6, 2009
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Continuous Backup of ALL Records


I am apparently losing records on my Filemaker 5 delivery order database.  I am using Vista 32bit Home Premium, SP1.  Very much a beginner in database programs but I am not afraid of Filemaker.  It is very user friendly.  Addicting, even.


My problem:  Whenever an order comes in, my dispatcher creates a new record.  At the end of the month we export all the records from that month to an archive file.  There may typically be 300 records per month.  We frequently have to change orders or delete orders.  It seems that we sometimes go back to change a record but it is missing.  Both dispatchers claim they did not delete it.  My truck then does not show up and we get an angry phone call.  Is it possible to set it up so that records are never deleted, but MOVED to an "archive" file somewhere?  One at a time?  That way if we realize a record is missing we will always have a backup copy.  I know I can export but it exports all records.  I just want the button to move that one record to the archive then delete the record.


I am willing to upgrade to a newer version if needed but I like the simplicity of version 5.  I have a second wine database with 1100 records and never lost one yet, that I know of.  This particular database has had 24,098 new records over the years.  Most were pricing calls and were deleted, the rest are exported as a group monthly to a new file.


I hope I gave enough information.  Thanks!