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Continuous form label printing problem Filemaker Pro 5.5

Question asked by DeerwoodTechnologies on Jul 25, 2009
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Continuous form label printing problem Filemaker Pro 5.5


15/16" x 3.5" labels, Okidata Microline Turbo 390 24-pin dot matrix printer

Oldest computer physically crashed.  Old, but functional, software and G3 computer are what we have available and need to get working.


Old environment: Max OS 8.x, Filemaker Pro 5.5, serial-->centronix printer connection, Print Magic 3rd party software


Approx. 2000 address labels successfully printed 10/page (remember from print preview) and skipped the 11th label on the continuous form.  The next 10 labels printed (aligned correctly) beginning on the 12th label, skipped the 22nd label, the next 10 began on the 23rd label and so on...

Not sure of page setup settings in File Pro, but Print Magic appeared to have control of the form definition (and maybe the page dimensions)


New environment: Mac OS X, Filemaker Pro 5.5, ethernet-->centronix (AXIS Office Basic print server) connection, CUPS defined printer


Have tried unsuccessfully to find page size and/or top&bottom margin settings to print as before.  While changes to page setup affect "logical" (print preview) labels/page, something somewhere seems to have a 10.5" page height defined and changes to margin settings seem to have little effect other than to logical labels/page.  This was evident in many, incremental and measured changes/tests, but also when (as recommeded in FMP documentation for continuous form labels) we defined page size to the dimensions of 1 label w/no top or bottom margins.  Everything looked great in print preview - 1 label/page with outstanding alignment on the page.  Result was an eject from top of continuous form to 1st printed label of 10.5" and another 10.5" from 1st address line to next label's 1st address line.


Any help or insights would be much appreciated.