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Contractor Looking for estimating solution

Question asked by EricEvans on May 9, 2012
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Contractor Looking for estimating solution


I am a contractor that owns FMP 11 and is trying out FMP 12. I am looking for a good estimating solution that I can run on my mac. I have been using UDA Construction suite, but hate using my PC. I saw that FMP 12 had an estimating template. So far I see that it is attractive and has a few good features. I need something more in depth. I am considering learning how to script a few things to see if it would work for me. I know nothing about this process. My questions are: Does anyone know how I could integrate a materials and Labor database that would be hierarchical (nested) and allow me to place these items in the line item interface? maybe it could be done from a floating tool palate or something. I found a few software solutions that piggyback on FMP but they were either gross or did much more than i am asking for and were several thousand dollars. Perhaps someone could tell me of a good (less than $500.00) solution that either incorporates FMP or is a mac compatable stand alone. What is the best low cost option for learning scripting?

I realize that this is quite a mouthfull and any assistance would be appreciated. 


Thanks Eric