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    Control Relation with far-out Field



      Control Relation with far-out Field



      Two tables (persons, organisation) are connected via a Cross-Table with the relation m:n

      The table Person is the one for the layout.

      A Portal within this layout shows the organisation in that the selected person is a member (one or more entries are possible)

      This works fine!


      What I want is to control the relation: Only certain organisation should be shown. Therefore in the table Person I created a global Field named Switch ID Organisations. A double relation with this switch AND the ID Person controls the relation. The global switch Field is a value multiple Field. So it is possible to show one or more different organisations for a selected Person.

      This works fine as well! It is very nice with the use of check boxes to fill the Switch multiple field. Very easy.

      (please see the picture attached)


      The PROBLEM

      I want to control the shown up organisations in the portal depending on the category. So I want to select a category and all the organisations with this category should be shown in the Portal.

      The Switch I used before is not able to usw the relation to the table category. I tried to give the categorie with a formula field to the table organisation, BUT it is not possible to relate the Switch to a formula field (no indication). 

      A Filter within the portal is as well not useful, because I need statistic evaluations. A Portal Filter only affects the visual presentation in the portal. 

      You‘ll find a file using the following adress:

      I am thinking about this problem for a while and I would be very happy to get some ideas or better a solution for that.

      Created with Filemaker Pro 11v4, MacOS 10.7


      Wer hat eine Idee? Vielen Dank.