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Control Relation with far-out Field

Question asked by CHL on Feb 9, 2012
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Control Relation with far-out Field



Two tables (persons, organisation) are connected via a Cross-Table with the relation m:n

The table Person is the one for the layout.

A Portal within this layout shows the organisation in that the selected person is a member (one or more entries are possible)

This works fine!


What I want is to control the relation: Only certain organisation should be shown. Therefore in the table Person I created a global Field named Switch ID Organisations. A double relation with this switch AND the ID Person controls the relation. The global switch Field is a value multiple Field. So it is possible to show one or more different organisations for a selected Person.

This works fine as well! It is very nice with the use of check boxes to fill the Switch multiple field. Very easy.

(please see the picture attached)



I want to control the shown up organisations in the portal depending on the category. So I want to select a category and all the organisations with this category should be shown in the Portal.

The Switch I used before is not able to usw the relation to the table category. I tried to give the categorie with a formula field to the table organisation, BUT it is not possible to relate the Switch to a formula field (no indication). 

A Filter within the portal is as well not useful, because I need statistic evaluations. A Portal Filter only affects the visual presentation in the portal. 

You‘ll find a file using the following adress:

I am thinking about this problem for a while and I would be very happy to get some ideas or better a solution for that.

Created with Filemaker Pro 11v4, MacOS 10.7

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