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Control Style in List View

Question asked by IT_User on Mar 7, 2013
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Control Style in List View


          I have designed a database that will ask the user questions.


          However, I made it so the questions are not all one type. (Ex. Fill-in Blank, Multiple Choice, True False, etc.)


          I first designed it so that it would just be a drop down field, and if there were choices they could choose whichever, or if it was a fill-in it would allow the user to type in whatever they wanted.



          However, I think it would look nicer that for multiple choice I could have radio buttons, and the fill-in stuff I could have an Edit Box.

          So in form view I can make that onRecordLoad script trigger will show the correct type.  I use tab control objects, which I name, and depending on a certain field the correct tab will show.  Each tab has the same field, but different Styles.

          (I know I can also use different layouts that it will go to in the script, but I find this easier.)


          Anyways,  like I said it works in Form View, but when I change it to List view it shows the tab of choice of only the current record for all records shown.  When I choose a record that has a different type, then they will all change to that tab.


          I was wondering in list view if you could somehow show different tab controls based on each record, not just the current record.  I know this works for conditional formatting, but I haven't figured out if that would even work...