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control tab navigation

Question asked by john9210 on Dec 12, 2013
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control tab navigation


     FM 12 Adv. I am using script triggers to leave a layout that has tab controls and when returning to the layout open the tab that was active before leaving the layout. The scrpt trigger on the tab control saves the tab name (object) in the varialble $$FrontTab. It works well. However, the layout script trigger (runs OnRecordEnter) does not. The script is:

     If (not isEmpty($$FontTab)

     Go to Object (Object Name: $$FrontTab)

     End if

     Script degugger shows the script sucessfully goes to the Go to Object step as it should but the layout doesn't open the tab. I opens the default control tab instead. It should open to the object name in $$FrontTab.

     Any suggestions?