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Controlling a single field in one database from a repeated field in another

Question asked by GaryGourlay on Jun 1, 2011
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Controlling a single field in one database from a repeated field in another


Hello all,

This is my forst post here, and I hope I can describe my issue well enough for you all to understand!

I have a stock control database, and a job database. The stock control database has each stock item as a record, with a field that specifies the current status of that stock item.

My Job database records what stock was used in a series of repeated fields. I have them set to lookup information from the stock database, so that if I enter the stock item number, the information is pulled across into the approriate repetition.

At the moment, this also brings over the current stock status.

I would like to be able change the stock status in the job database and have it update the approriate record in the stock database.

I have tried to make the stock status field in the stock database a repeating field, and then displaying it in the job database, and it works, but only for the first repetition. If i have a stock item in the 2nd repetition, it modifies the stock status in the 2nd repetion of the field ( I suppose that is to be expected). This means that the stock status in the stock database for any item used in anything other than the first repetition in the job database doesn't update properly.

Is there a better way?

Feel free to ask for clarification. This barely makes sense to me!