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Controlling column width in dbf export

Question asked by sanfranman59 on Jun 20, 2011
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Controlling column width in dbf export


When exporting a simple 3 column FileMaker Pro table to a .dbf file, I keep getting the following message:

"Some data will be truncated when exporting because one or more fields or records is too long for the export format."

After exporting from FMP, I read the .dbf into a SAS data set and when I check the column width there, sure enough, it's 254 characters. However, there is no data value that's wider than 8 characters in that field.

What determines the width of the field when exporting to a .dbf file? And is there some way to control that or to compress the width of the field that is exported so that it's only as wide as the widest value in the field? I have no idea why FileMaker thinks the field needs to be 254 characters.

I'm using FMP 11 on a Windows XP system.