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Controlling How the App Closes

Question asked by Vinny on Dec 5, 2012


Controlling How the App Closes



     My desire is to have the application handle closing in the following way:

     1) Do not close when last window closes if using the "x" on the last open window (i.e. not the master "x" on the application).

     2) If clicking exit from file menu (will be a custom menu), or the "master" close button, first prompt user, then close the entire application.

     - I was thinking of using a trick like hiding a window off the screen so that the app will stay open.  Or even going back to the "home" layout any time all windows close.

     BUT - I cannot find a way to distinguish between the application "X" and the window "X" buttons.

     Any Ideas?  This is basically like trying to emulate a typical windows style application - the menu and main window stay open even when the child windows are all closed.