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Controlling many databases from one master file.

Question asked by frog22 on Aug 14, 2011
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Controlling many databases from one master file.


So, I am looking for ideas to solve an organizational problem I am having.  Using FileMaker Pro 11.  The problem:  I want to create 3 databases, controlled by 3 seperate users, where the information can be accessed from one master program.

The Long Story:  I work with many people in an environment where internet isn't always available.  I also want to limit access to information.  I know that this can be done with one file, but I do not have the technical expertise nor money to prevent the potential syncing issues.  Anway, want to create one database which contains my core data (such as employee information such as names, addresses, birthdays, etc) then have 2 other data bases use the core information (limitinging what information the other two databases are allowed to access.....Because one database only needs First name, last name, and birthday....While the other just needs last name and address).  Then THE KICKER: I want to create a master database I can use to combine all data and run reports.  Any Ideas?  Thanks!!