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    Controlling multipage PDF export of data



      Controlling multipage PDF export of data


      We have our database happily recording the results of our telephone calls/sales campaigns.  But the data is only useful if we can export and distribute it.  We have chosen to do this as a PDF of 2 of the 4 tab control panels that we use to capture the information.

      At present we are aware of the  "Save/Send Record as......"  option in which we can select "PDF.." and then this can be attached to an e-mail.  This works fine manually for the screen that is currently being viewed.

      How can I script it so that a button runs a script using the "Send Mail" command that combines the PDF that would be printed from tab 1 with the PDF of data from tab 2.  The bit I am struggling with is using something like a "go to object " command, as I do not know how to identify the tab control Page 1 and page 2 OBJECT NAME.

      I would see the script running something like ;-

      Commit Record/Request

      Go to Object [Client details]

      Save/send record as .......PDF  (save data in a named PDF file to a temporpary path)

      Go to Object [Client details 2]

      Save/send record as...... PDF ( where this is appended to the first PDF file generated]


      Any ideas woul be creately appreciated, as this is the only outstanding feature of my database.


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          You don't address items on pages but only by name. You have to give the item a name , which is not the field variable.  To give an object a name go to the Inspector and click the position tab and the first field at top is the Name Field.  The name you enter here is the name of the object, then you should be able to use the  Go to Object [Name]. 

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            As per the question, it is not a field I want to address.  It is the tab / pages of a 4 page tab control panel  HOw does THIS object get identified if you can only identify fields???


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              That's not what S Chamblee posted. You must give a layout object an object name before go to object can be used to put the focus on that object. It CANNOT be a field's name--not an issue here as you need to give individual panels of a tab control object names.

              Enter layout mode.

              click the tab control, then click again to select the tab panel (Page in your posts) you want to give an object name. Then enter a name in the name box found in the inspector's position tab.

              Select the second tab panel by clicking it and give it a name in the same way.

              You can test to see if you've done this right by clicking back and forth between the tab panels and watching to see if the object name changes in the name box.

              Once you've given a tab panel an object name, the go to object script step can be used to select that tab panel and bring it to the front.

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                Ok, Thanks PhilModJunk.  That clears that up. 

                Object names duely assigned and e-mail with two page PDF file of scrren shots now being generated as required, so thanks for your help.