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Controlling multipage PDF export of data

Question asked by HugoLidia on Jul 8, 2012
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Controlling multipage PDF export of data


We have our database happily recording the results of our telephone calls/sales campaigns.  But the data is only useful if we can export and distribute it.  We have chosen to do this as a PDF of 2 of the 4 tab control panels that we use to capture the information.

At present we are aware of the  "Save/Send Record as......"  option in which we can select "PDF.." and then this can be attached to an e-mail.  This works fine manually for the screen that is currently being viewed.

How can I script it so that a button runs a script using the "Send Mail" command that combines the PDF that would be printed from tab 1 with the PDF of data from tab 2.  The bit I am struggling with is using something like a "go to object " command, as I do not know how to identify the tab control Page 1 and page 2 OBJECT NAME.

I would see the script running something like ;-

Commit Record/Request

Go to Object [Client details]

Save/send record as .......PDF  (save data in a named PDF file to a temporpary path)

Go to Object [Client details 2]

Save/send record as...... PDF ( where this is appended to the first PDF file generated]


Any ideas woul be creately appreciated, as this is the only outstanding feature of my database.