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Conversion for MS Access Users

Question asked by on May 28, 2015
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Conversion for MS Access Users


I realize that FileMaker has all of the capabilities of MS Access and plus more; however, after years of using MS Access I am having a hard time transitioning.  Is there any documentation that can show me how to use FileMaker to do what I am commonly used to doing in MS Access.  In MS Access, I use the Select Query, Make Table Query, Append Query, Update Query, Crosstab Query and Delete Query to create, view and modify Tables.  I am looking for documentation that can show me how to do these types of routines in FileMaker.

Furthermore, I feel that such help would be beneficial when built into FileMaker so that other users can benefit.

For example, if there is a way to create such documentation by recording what steps are used in MS Access to create an Update Query and then to show the steps to do that same in FileMaker, it would be extremely beneficial and probably what some of us need.