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Conversion From 6 to 11

Question asked by bpk on Nov 18, 2013
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Conversion From 6 to 11


     I would appreciate it if someone can help me with this problem of executing a script that has been converted from FMP6 to FMP11.  Two relational files: one is "Members" the other is "Payments".  Under FMP6 the script is executed properly.  You search/locate a member account and then you click on icon (script-see below) to generate a new receipt for this account.

     When I converted the files from FMP6 to FMPA11-the script did not generate a new receipt, instead just located an old one.

     Any idea as what to change in order for this FMP11 script to be executed properly like under FMP6?

     FMP6 Script:

     *  Go to Related Record ["Payments"]

     *  Go to Field [Select/perform, "Payments::Category 2a"]

     *  Go to Portal Row[Select, Last]

     *  Insert Calculated Result [Select, "Payments::Category 2a","Year(Today)"]

     *  Go to Related Record ["Payments"]

     This script works fine. Thanks

     Screenshot of FMPro11 follows below: