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    Conversion from Old Version of Filemaker Problem.



      Conversion from Old Version of Filemaker Problem.


      I'm converting some windows fp3 files to Filemaker Pro version 10 fp7 files on a Mac.  Two of the three files convert fine, but the third file says that it has no records when I try to browse it.  When I choose the manage database option it tells me that I have a table with 44 fields and 271 records which is correct, but I can't browse them or see the layouts.

      One interesting thing is that this table is linked to another table and when I browse that table with it's form, I can see the linked table.  I need to edit this table on its own. How can I accomplish this?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Recover under the File Menu is an option. The resulting database, even if it seems to work should be suspect.

          Going back to the original FP3 database and Save As Smaller is worth a try - then convert the Save As Smaller DB.
          Save As Clone is the other option, doing both will not take much time.  Name them obviously to keep them straight.

          By PhilModJunk

          FROM  Corrupt Database  Corrupt Database

          Recover your file.

          This should repair your file, but there are no guarantees. The best defense against file corruption is to make and keep frequent sequential back ups. The key is to not keep just one backup (it might be corrupt too), but to keep an entire series of backups. This allows you to check each backup in turn until you find a copy that is not damaged. You can then save a clone of this copy and import all data from a recovered copy of your file into this clone. We have a backup scheme in place for our database files that backs them up every 1-2 hours with each hourly backup retained for the day, makes a verified back up every night with each nightly backup retained for the month, and we then manually pull one back up copy each month into an "archive" directory for perpetual storage. We also copy some of these backups into other physical locations so that damage/destruction of the site where the server is located will not destroy all copies of our data.



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            Thank you for your reply.  Recover produces the same problem.  Filemaker doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with the file so it just produces another copy which when loaded says it has 0 records.  My older version of FM Pro, version 4, doesn't have a save as smaller DB or save as clone option.

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              Open Manage Database.  Check the name of the table that declares the fields and records you want.  Go to the Relationships tab and check the name of a table occurance that is based on that table.  Most likely it will be the same name.

              Go to the layout that shows no records, and go into Layout Mode.  Go to Layouts -> Layout Setup and check - or change - that the Table Occurance the table is based on is that TO name.

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                Thank you.  I don't know I did exactly as you specified, but I created a layout for the table when there wasn't any.  Now with a layout, I can see all my records.  For some reason without a layout, I couldn't even list the records.  I'll have to redo the layout to the original one it had but that's not to bad.  At least I have my records.