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conversion problems

Question asked by DavidMiller on Jan 7, 2013
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conversion problems


     I' m getting to panic stage.  Have new Windows8 HP desktop, new FilemakerPro12 unwrapped and  30-day trial of FMP11 on old WindowsXP desktop downloaded 18 days ago.  I have a FMP3.0 db I have been building for @9 years and want it on new machine. Have done 3 conversions now and still have portals showing inaccurate results. I posted this notice last week on wrong site, but still received a reply from a very kind soul, offering some suggestions and some known issues about going from v3.0 to v11. Evidently, punctuation and spaces are handled differently now in text fields. This was cited as just one of many possible issues.  I am willing to troubleshoot and repair any and all such faults in the next 12 days. I need to know where to start.

     If anyone can provide a link to a webpage with good info or has experience with solving v3 to v11 conversions and can offer some tips, I would be grateful.  Thanks.