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    Convert Access to Filemaker



      Convert Access to Filemaker


      Are there any utilities to convert a simple database, currently in Microsoft Access to Filemaker?

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          I don't know of one, but both databases can move data to and from Excel files so that approach will at least pull in the data into tables for you.


          You can:


          1. Export MS Access data to an excel file
          2. Open Filemaker, Choose New Database
          3. Click Cancel to close Manage Database
          4. Select File|Import Records
          5. Find and open your Excel file from step 1
          6. Choose "new table" as your target
          7. Do the import


          You now have a new table in Filemaker with all the data you exported from MS Access.


          Any relationships, Visual Basic Code and layouts will have to be created in the new file "from scratch", but you did say it was a "simple" database right?

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            Thanks for that.


            Yes, I think it's pretty simple - the difficult bit could be getting the current Access user to work out how to export the data as an Excel file

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              I don't have a copy installed on my current machine, but there are built in tools that can do this in just a click or two. You can export a table, Query Result, or even the records currently visible in a report or form.


              Check out the options in the Tools menu--I think that's where you'll find this feature.

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                   Can you suggest a method for accessing old FilerMaker data (2.0) in a much later version (7.0)?  7.0 is telling us that it can not open the old data.
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                  Do you still have a copy of filemaker 2.0? If so, open the file and export the data as a tab delimitted or csv file. You can then use import records to import the exported data into a more recent fmp database.

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                    I converted Microsoft Access files from another computer with Windows XP (sp3) as follows:

                    In windows

                    Open the table you want to convert>Tools>Office Links>Analyze it with Microsoft Excel>Save As Microsoft 97-2002 or later

                    Name and Close File

                    Send to Back Up Disk


                    In Apple:

                    Open File on the Disk [It will open in Numbers]>Convert Header Row>Save Copy Excel

                    Close file

                    Highlight file>Drag it to Pro Icon on Dock

                    Select Use First Row as Labels