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Convert columns to records in new table

Question asked by AllenFuller on Mar 23, 2014
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Convert columns to records in new table


     I'm new to Filemaker but pretty familiar with SQL and have a question in the transition about how to create relational tables from a flat file.

     So for instance, I have a flat file that tracks event attendees. In the flat file, there's three columns for each event -- invited, attended, paid. This is obviously a poor practice for a relational database, so I'd like to transition those columns to a new table Event History that has a record for each event with an attendee UID and fields for invited, attended, paid.

     Any ideas on how to go about looking for records in one Filemaker table, then creating corresponding records in a new table based on values in specific fields in the original table? I'm sure it's just a script I'll have to write, but just thought someone in the community might have solved this one already. :)

     Thanks! Have enjoyed reading everyone's contributions on other posts, but couldn't find any discussion of trying to do something like this.