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Convert FileMaker 2 to FIlemaker 12

Question asked by RichardSchusterman on Nov 10, 2013
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Convert FileMaker 2 to FIlemaker 12


     Okay community.  Got a challenge for you.  I have a friend with a database running in Claris FileMaker II (release 1.0 - Aug. 1988) in OS 9.0.4.

     Does anyone have any idea how we can convert this file to FileMaker 12?  I have come across the following articles but have had no luck.

     I loaded FileMaker 6 trial on the PowerMac running OS 9 and could not open the file.  I get the message:  "This is a FileMaker Pro Release 6.0. 'Copy of [file name] was created by version 4.01 of FileMaker and cannot be opened by this version. Please use FileMaker 4.01 to view this file. 

     Any assistance is welcome.  Thanks.