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convert fmp12 back into fmp11

Question asked by MichaelCastellano on Mar 10, 2014
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convert fmp12 back into fmp11




     longtime user from fmp3

     i use two macintosh computers at work to manage and use a database

     one is new iMac with mavericks and fmp12 on it

     other is legacy mac tower g5 running fmp11 and not upgradeable to anything that supports fmp12


     i mage the data base in fmp12 but want to sometimes have a volunteer work on the same database exporting info on the legacy macintosh


     when i try to transfer back I can only import 2 records of 76 and the rest error out.


     if i delete the first two records from the import file and import again then 2 records come in fine and the rest error out


     i have tried tab separated (which always worked before) and new excel format but same thing happens each time.


     anybody have workarounds.


     i juts can't believe after all these years from version 3 up I am now prevented from efficient work without buying a second new computer.


     please help.