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    convert fmp12 back into fmp11



      convert fmp12 back into fmp11




           longtime user from fmp3

           i use two macintosh computers at work to manage and use a database

           one is new iMac with mavericks and fmp12 on it

           other is legacy mac tower g5 running fmp11 and not upgradeable to anything that supports fmp12


           i mage the data base in fmp12 but want to sometimes have a volunteer work on the same database exporting info on the legacy macintosh


           when i try to transfer back I can only import 2 records of 76 and the rest error out.


           if i delete the first two records from the import file and import again then 2 records come in fine and the rest error out


           i have tried tab separated (which always worked before) and new excel format but same thing happens each time.


           anybody have workarounds.


           i juts can't believe after all these years from version 3 up I am now prevented from efficient work without buying a second new computer.


           please help.





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               Can you describe what exactly you are doing?

               You cannot convert a .fmp12 back to the .fp7 file format. Nor can a .fp7 database import data from a .fmp12 file.

               But you can export data from .fmp12 into a text file such as tab, csv or merge and then the .fp7 file can import data from the text file. This is how I keep an older copy of the known bugs list database up to date with the latest data from the .fmp12 copy that I use and update on a daily basis.

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                 As well, when a file is converted from fp7 to fm12 format, the original file is not deleted. The fmp7 file remains. 

            Edit: likely not relevant.
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                   I have a database associated with my fungal collections that have indexed fields for collection number, genus, species, authority, day, month, year, lat degree, lat min lat sec, long degree, long sec, long sec, country, state, county, locality, elevation, collector

                   then i have a calculation field to put the genus, species and authority names together for a label

                   I have approximately 46k records

                   last fall i bought a new iMac 27 inch with mavericks on it. and also purchased FMP12 and Filemaker go to install on a new iPad for sharing data from the field.

                   this computer sits on my office desk and is my working computor


                   in my laboratory i house the specimens and I have an older mac tower that is G5, this computer is used by my volunteers that help e keep the specimens updated and make packets for them.  Because it is old I can not run fmp12 on that G5 computer.  I have fmp11 installed on it.


                   i routinely make additions and edits to the file on my computer in fmp12 but want to download or transfer the fmp12 file to my old computer once a week when my volunteers come in to work.


                   I have tried to export from fmp12 as tab separated, merge and new excel format files to import into a clone file on mu G5 running fmp11


                   when i do the whole file it imports approximately 1705 records correctly and the rest it says are not imported due to errors.


                   i then created a small export file of 76 records from the large 46k database and exported them from fmp12 as tab separated and tried to import again into fmp11 on the G5 computer into the empty clone file and it only imports 2 records correctly, the rest it says have errors.


                   i then deleted the first two records from the fmp12 76 record file to have only 74 records and yet again only 2 records import on the G5.

                   i look through all 76 records on the G5 in the import field window and they look perfect, no weird characters or data and it all aligns perfectly


                   any ideas?


                   i could send you an attachment of the fmp11 clone file and the 76 record tab separated file for your own enjoyment if you want.


                   thanks for your interest to help.



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                     Best guess is that the errors are cases where field validation rules in your target table are being violated during the import.

                     I would use a merge export instead of tab. This allows me to use the matching names option to better ensure that the data from the .fmp12 file is imported into the correct field of the .fp7 file.  Mapping data to the wrong field, is one way that you might get errors during the import.

                     And what options are you specifying during the import? Since much of your data should already reside in the .fp7 file, I'd use a matching records import with the option to add new records when there is no match.

                     This is, in fact, the way I update my Known Bugs List .fp7 file.