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    Convert fp5 to fp7



      Convert fp5 to fp7


       I am having problems with file relationships after converting an fp5 file to fp7. Can anyone help me?


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          Please describe how you converted your file(s) and exactly what problems you are having.

          Did you select and open all your files at the same time to convert them?

          Are the relationships where you are having trouble based on text fields that might contain text with punctuation and similar characters?

          Anything else you can share will help here.

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            Sorry, I should have stated the details yesterday.

            I work at Taipei American School which maintains a warehouse of stocks (stationeries and other office supplies) from which school constituents can draw from. We have an old FileMaker Pro database that I created years ago in version 5.0. This database consisted of the following 8 related files.

            Product Inventory.FP5

            Purchase Order.FP5

            Order Line Items.FP5

            Product Sales.FP5

            Product Line Items.FP5





            The principal file is Product Inventory which has a relationship with Order Line Items based on a field called Product ID. In turn, Order Line Items has a relationship with Purchase Order based on a field called Record ID.

            Product Inventory contains records of all stocks carried by the warehouse. Purchase Order contains records of orders placed with vendors when certain stock needs replenishment. And Order Line Items contains the line items in each purchase order.

            We would now want to convert this FP5 database to FP7 format in FileMaker Pro version 11v2. I opened version 11v2 and then opened each of the 8 FP5 files one by one. I opened the first FP5, saved it as FP7 and closed it, opened the second FP5, saved it as FP7 and closed it, opened the third FP5, saved it as FP7 and closed it, etc., until all 8 FP5’s are done.

            Then I opened Product Inventory.FP7 and clicked on a button that runs a script to open Order Line Items because I wanted to know the number of replenishment orders that a certain stock item has. When Order Line Items opens, due to its relationship with Purchase Order, Purchase Order would also open. This was when the message “Purchase Order file not found” appeared and I had to open it manually.

            I suspect that this is one of many instances that “file not found” will be encountered as I continue to explore deeper into the converted FP7 database.

            Your help to resolve the issue will be much appreciated.


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              Open and convert all the files at the same time instead of one at a time. If you still have problems with "File Not Found" after conversion. Open Manage | External Data Sources and you can now (unlike version 5) edit the external data source references to fix any problems. Brace yourself before selecting this option for the first time. FileMaker 5 and older versions tend to have very "messy" external data source references with duplicates and multiple line references that contain references to locations no longer in existence.

              Be especially careful to remove and update any references that use asterisks or a reference to an IP address that no longer exists. These references can result in Database files that are extremely slow to open.

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                I have converted the set of files from Filemaker 5 to Filemaker 11. I did the conversion using files that I obtained from the user some weeks ago. Hence I would have to run another conversion on current data in order that the user can start using his data in Filemaker 11. Instead of running another round of conversion, if I were to export current data from version 5 in SLK format, can that data be imported to version 11? Would this option work?



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                  You'll still have files with external data source references that don't work. The problem lies with those references not being correctly converted--not the data in the file. You can convert again, or edit the external data source references to fix these issues manually.

                  If you do need to export data from the version 5 files, export them as tab, csv, or merge files. I don't think the file format you've indicated is supported for importing into FileMaker 11.