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    Convert From Paradox 8



      Convert From Paradox 8


      I am trying to migrate from Paradox 8 to Filemaker 10.  However, my Paradox tables have a BLOB (Binary Large Object) field containing bitmap images.  After trying to export from Paradox into different formats such as .dbf and then importing into Filemaker 9 or 10, the image-containing BLOB fields were not transferred sucessfully. 


      Programming is not preferred so I am looking for a relatively simple solution.  One forum suggested using Interbase Datapump and, while I will research this, I am wondering if anyone else has a creative suggestion?  Thank you in advance.



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          As a result of the underwhelming response, I developed my own solution and am enclosing it in case it could be of use to someone else in the future.


          Rather than find a one-stop translation interface between Filemaker and Paradox, I decided to pull out the images individually.  This had a secondary benefit in case I wanted to use file location references in Filemaker, instead of storing the images within the new database.  In order to achieve this result, I wrote a Paradox Application Language (PAL) script.  After these bitmap images were then extracted from Paradox, I converted them into Jpegs en masse using Microsoft's Office Picture Manager and then automated the importation of each into a new Filemaker database.  The following is the Paradox script code used to extract each bitmap image from the database, label it, and then save it to a specific file:


          method run(var eventInfo Event)
               tcProperty      TCursor
               grImage         Graphic
               BuildingNo    longint   
          if msgQuestion("Confirm","Copy photos to separate files?") = "Yes" then
          tcProperty.open ("Property")
          scan tcProperty  :
          if not tcProperty.photo.isBlank() then
          BuildingNo = longint(tcProperty.Building#)
          grImage = tcProperty.Photo
          grImage.writeToFile("c:\\myfiles\\backup\\images\\" + tcProperty.City + "_" + tcProperty.BuildingStreet + "_" + string(BuildingNo) +".bmp")