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    converted Database opens extremely slow



      converted Database opens extremely slow


      Converted database from version 5 to 9. I converted the whole database, records and all. When I open this database in version 9, it takes over a minute to open and almost crashes filemaker. The database itself is not complex although it has over 3000 records. It is related to two simple databases, which have over 39,000 records.

      Please let me if you guys have any advice, thanks!


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          First thing would be to check the External Data Sources, if you have converted from 5 it may have some old references it is trying to resolve while opening.


          go File > Manage > External Data Sources...


          Then look at the list and try to tidy these up if there are multiple references to the same file, and if a single ref has old out of date references that may no longer exist.


          Be careful not to just delete these as they are most likely used in Table Occurrences and Scripts. 


          Also save the database as a compacted copy, File > Save File As...  this is like running maintenance on a file and sort of tidies it up a little.


          Let me know if this helps, and if it is the Data Sources I can explain more on how to tidy this up.