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    Converted database script cannot find files



      Converted database script cannot find files


      I converted my database from v6 to v7 so it will operate with v11.  Now, in some simple scripts which open another file, I get a dialgoue box that the file annot be found; in other similar scripts, another file will open!  If I return to the script and specify the same original file, the script will run until I quit. Upon relaunch, the same problem presents itself, the script cannot find the proper file.

      I have tried the conversion process twice with the same result.  I have moved the application into the same folder with the files (none are in subfolders) which does not help.

      I have reveiwed the database structure and all appears fine.

      Could this be some obscure access/password issue?

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          If you did not do so in your previous attempts at file conversion, Select and convert all the files for conversion as a single group. This should minimize or even eliminate the "file not found" issues.

          References to other files can be managed through Manage | external datasources. If you review that section of your database system, you should be able to find and correct the file references that are incorrect.

          Brace yourself. version 6 and older systems did a very poor job of managing external data source references. Your converted files could contain a great many references to the same file--each a little different.