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    Converted file , print on two pages now



      Converted file , print on two pages now


           Hi all

           New to this forum and also to Filemaker system

           We used to work with technical support reports based on filemaker 3

           It's became unusable with Windows7, so I had to convert from .fp3 to filemaker 11pro (by mean of trial version) and then reconverted to FMP12 we are currently using

           The problem :

           sheets was printed with EPSON LX300+ needles printer

           now, using the same printer under win7 we have the last field (located on the  lower half of sheet but not at the end) printed on a new page (in fact, the printing dialog says two pages will be printed)

           If I print the same sheet on a Kyocera laser printer it comes correctly as usual on a single page

           If I print the same sheet on a WindowsXP machine using FMpro11 trial (with the .fmp11 converted file) on the same printer , it comes printed correctly on a single page

           All print test / format done on windows7 LX300+ printer has positive results no issue

           What is causing the fmp12 file to be printed on two pages with the same printer always used ???


           Thank you very much for any help you can give me




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               Without being able to actually inspect your layout, I would guess that the different printer drivers have different maximum printable area figures and thus just a few pixels difference in what will "fit" on a page is generating that extra page of output.

               Enter layout mode, then use print set up to select your printer, page size and page orientation. Then look for dark vertical and horizonal lines that mark the size of the printable area for that specific printer driver. items to the right of the vertical line will not be printed. Items below the horizontal line will print on the next page. You may find that by making a very small adjustment to your layout, you can get this to print without the extra page.

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                 Unfortunately in layout mode, all the page fits perfectly into an A4 sheet (the printable working area is 2" shorter than A4 sheet ) both selecting FS1010 laser or LX300 needle printers.

                 Also , switching to preview mode, all is displayed correctly on a single page, on both printers selection.

                 Now,  it makes me think to an Epson LX300+ driver issue with windows7

                 The real problem is I have to print on predefinied A4 paper modules.......

                 Any other suggestion ???

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                   I would still try reducing the size of one layout part by a few pixels to see if it makes a difference. There are other possibilities but that still is a possibility. Can't tell if other possible issues might be in play without knowing a lot more about your layouts.

                   Do you have sliding fields on this layout set to reduce the size of the enclosing part? Do you also have sub summary layout parts on the layout?