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    Converting .mdb to filemaker pro/Batch image import



      Converting .mdb to filemaker pro/Batch image import


      I have a coworker's database from a PC and I am trying to load it into Filemaker Pro on my Mac.  I am able to make the database an excel file and import it into Filemaker but it doesn't include the photos with it.  There are 4,000 records and they all have jpegs.  What settings do I need to select to make sure the batch image import matches up the images with the correct records?  If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you.  

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          How are the images stored in the Access file? Are they stored as File References or as actual copies of the files? If they are file references, you can import them as text into your FileMaker file from the excel file and then you can use this info to set up some container fields to hold the file references.

          If the access file stores actual copies of the files, then you won't be able to export them as Excel and import them from excel into Filemaker. If you can find a way to export such files as separate image files, there may be a way to import them as a batch into a table in your Filemaker database, but matching up the correct image with the correct record in Filemaker may be a challenge unless the file names of the exported image files can be used to identify the records to which they should be linked.