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Converting a custom value list into a table based value list

Question asked by philmodjunk on Feb 5, 2012


Converting a custom value list into a table based value list


Sometimes the need arises to change a value list from a list of custom values typed directly into the value list set up into a table based value list.

Here's a quick and simple way to do that without needing to retype the values nor having to copy and paste them one value at a time into the new table of values:

Open the value list in Manage | Value list and copy the entire block of custom values to the clipboard.

Exit Manage | Value list and paste the text from the clipboard into an empty text field.

Use Export Field Contents to export the values, producing a plain text file.

Now use Import Records to import the text from the text file. You can use the new table option to import the data and create a new table for it at the same time. Since the values are separated by returns in the text file, each value is imported into a separate record.

Return to manage | value list , select the value list for editing and use Specify Field to set it up to draw values from your new table of values.

A similar method is to do the same steps above, but create the text file by pasting the copied values into a word processor and saving the file as plain text.