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Converting Access 97 - 2003 to FM Pro Questions

Question asked by dnorth12 on Aug 27, 2010
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Converting Access 97 - 2003 to FM Pro Questions


I don't know where to begin, so maybe the best place to start is with the ultimate question. What can't be done in FM Pro that can be done in Access?

Currently running an Access 97 db on a peer to peer network in one location with 3 users and in another location running Access 97 thru 2007 as a front end to SQL server with about 20 users. I am in the first location.

We run a custom made Access program for invoicing, quoting, accounts payable, email notifications for orders receipt and orders shipped (which includes importing tracking numbers drawn from UPS world ship related to a specific order). There are thousands of customers with thousands of invoices.

There are a multitude of options that can be applied to any item ordered and the problem is the options keep growing forcing the need for more fields on invoice and quote entry forms. This has caused us to run out field space in Access, which ultimately leads to corrupted programs due to out of memory errors. Subforms don't seem to alleviate the problem, due to the need for larger queries that support the forms. That is one major issue that I believe can be overcome, by moving to FM Pro, with its 8 gb capacity as opposed to Access's 2 gb capacity.

The main bridge to cross is all the VBA code that would have to be rewritten in FM Pro. I know that no one can answer specifically without seeing the Access version is use, but generally what kind of things cause major issues when trying to convert to FM?

We have code that calls out Outlook to send an email confirmation for each customer that has sent an order or had one shipped for that business day.

We have code that calls out Outlook to send an email of an invoice or quote report that has been converted to a pdf using ghostscript

Aging and monthly statements (some converted to pdf's for emailing) for all customers are things that will need to be addressed.

There are other things to consider, but the for the purpose of this discussion, what is above, is enough for now.

I would appreciate any thoughts any one would care to share.