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Converting barcode text into date field

Question asked by ShawnAmann on Aug 11, 2010
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Converting barcode text into date field


I have a bar code field and a temp barcode field. The bar codes look like this when scanned


I am running a script to rip the left 6 characters to use as the identifier and put into the final barcode field, the characters after the comma as the Lot# which go into the lot# field and need to take the last 6 charecters and put into the expiration date field. 

The problems are formatting based I believe, and 2 fold. The barcode is being entered as text. The date as scanned is YY MM DD. When i rip the 6 characters out using the right function, and place in the exp date field using a set field I think 1) it doesn't like that it is text, and 2) that the order is funky. 

So first, how do I address the formatting issue of text to date?

As for the order i think I can do all sorts of trickery such as ripping the characters 2 at a time, then pasting them into some other field or variable and appending the other characters until I get a nice order. That seems like overkill. Any ideas?