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    Converting Bento to Filemaker Pro 11



      Converting Bento to Filemaker Pro 11


      I work in the film industry and have been organizing my small movie clips in Bento.  I recently decided to switch to Filemaker Pro 11 and I'm having some issues converting.  I have figure out how to save everything in Filemaker but I feel like it's not as easy to maneuver through as Bento.  In Bento, I was able to have a menu bar on the left side of my window that allowed me to look at different Databases, in my case different Movie titles, in one click.  It seems like in Filemaker I have to make a new document for each new database and there is no such window?  Also, since I save media into my records, in Bento there was a view window where I could watch the clips saved in each record.  In Filemaker, I can save the media into the record but when I watch it the thumbnail is really tiny.  I've attached a screen shot of my Bento File. I've added red boxes around the things in Bento I'd like to try and similarly recreate in Filmaker. 

      I'd really appreciate any tips as I am new to this program.  Thank you!


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          First tip is to get used to the idea that FileMaker is a very different program from FileMaker. It won't do things in the same manner as Bento, you'll need to spend time learning how FileMaker works.

          You'll need to figure out the structure of your database system. In FileMaker you'll create one or more tables establish relationships between the tables and then create layouts based on these tables and relationships. Since you are storing movie clips, you might define one table where your create one record for each movie title and relate that to a table of movie clips where each clip is stored in a container field or possibly view via the web viewer. You can design a layout where you see a list of movie clip thumbnails in a portal all for a specific movie. You can set up a script such that clicking a thumbnail changes over to a different layout where the container field is large enough to serve as your movie viewer and you see the movie of the thumbnail you clicked playing in the viewer on this layout. That's just a for instance, there are many different ways to set this up.

          And it is possible to set up a layout where you have list of movie titles and where you can select a movie by clicking that title.

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            Great!  Thanks so much.  Is there a way to make some sort of home screen like Bento similar to the screenshot?  Where I could have the left menu bar with tabs for each movie title?  I'm having trouble figuring out how to create something like that.

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              You can get pretty close by using two portals. One to list all the movie title records and one to list the Movie clip records for a movie you've selected by clicking a row in the movie titles portal. If you haven't already done so, read up on portals in FileMaker help and/or any reference materials you have to get a better "background" understanding of how this very frequently used layout object works.

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                Something like it can be done with portals but there is no layout object similar

                Each layout has a controling table from which everything on the layout gets its context.

                If you create relationships between tables you can display information from those other tables on layouts.

                If the relationship is 1 to many a portal is often the way to display the info. If its one to one you can just place the realted fields on the layout.

                Another couple of really powerful tools are Global Fields (any field set to global storage) and Calculation Fields.

                Between Portals, Global Fields, Calculation Fields and Relationships you can do a lot of powerful things.

                The Tab Controls are just primarily space saving tools but using them in combination with buttons and scripts create a lot of powerful effects.

                Scripting is often a way to do what you cant do with the tools otherwise and script triggers are a very welcome addition to executing.

                One of the limitations of FM is that you cannot script the creation of new layout objects so you have to plan your layout structures with that in mind. However there are lots of tricks and tips about making objects visible (or not)  based on data or user actions.