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Converting Bento to Filemaker Pro 11

Question asked by KelseyMagnuson on Jun 17, 2011
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Converting Bento to Filemaker Pro 11


I work in the film industry and have been organizing my small movie clips in Bento.  I recently decided to switch to Filemaker Pro 11 and I'm having some issues converting.  I have figure out how to save everything in Filemaker but I feel like it's not as easy to maneuver through as Bento.  In Bento, I was able to have a menu bar on the left side of my window that allowed me to look at different Databases, in my case different Movie titles, in one click.  It seems like in Filemaker I have to make a new document for each new database and there is no such window?  Also, since I save media into my records, in Bento there was a view window where I could watch the clips saved in each record.  In Filemaker, I can save the media into the record but when I watch it the thumbnail is really tiny.  I've attached a screen shot of my Bento File. I've added red boxes around the things in Bento I'd like to try and similarly recreate in Filmaker. 

I'd really appreciate any tips as I am new to this program.  Thank you!