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Converting DB's-Filemaker 6 to Filemaker 10

Question asked by BCATLYMCA on Jan 26, 2010
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Converting DB's-Filemaker 6 to Filemaker 10


Hello, we are in the process of upgrading from Filemaker 6 to Filemaker 10 on our XP systems and are working on converting our databases. We utilize FM DB's for our registration process for summer resident camp. We have 20-25 databases that we use daily to track our registrations, handle Accounts P & R, schedules, phone messages, etc. We have some relational files as well as some flat files. We have a subset of 7-8 databases that hold family account information, registration information, etc. that are all relational. These databases also have another small set of databases that relate to them that handle our import process from a MySQL server website. The staff member who created many of our databases on our system is no longer with us, so I and another co-worker have learned over the past 2 years or so how to do many of the things we were doing with Filemaker... such as scripts, imports, database management, etc. We are now facing a couple of problems as we try to move over to Filemaker 10 and convert our databases and get the system working again as it was: 1. All of our databases seem to have converted over correctly.... however, some of the scripts information does not seem to have converted correctly. There are some places where FM is not "finding" the databases that it is looking for. It makes me continuously look for the databases each time I open it, even after correcting the script and mapping it to the correct database. 2. In some places, it seems to have found the correct database, but it "renamed" the database inside the script, by putting a "2" at the end. 3. In other places, when I try to correct the scripts, it is attempting to read from a list of databases that are on the computer where Filemaker 6 was located, but we haven't ever installed those DBs on the new computer with Filemaker 10. We are also working on getting our Plug In installed, and beginning to work on the import databases from our SQL server so I'm sure there will be some questions to follow... Thank you for any assistance...