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Converting excel formulas into a field calculation formula

Question asked by JustinWhite on Apr 28, 2012
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Converting excel formulas into a field calculation formula


Hello Gurus,

I am relatively new to Filemaker in using it to its full capabilities.  I am trying to convert some formulas that I use in excel into a Filemaker field calculation formula.  I very often import names into a database where I recieve the data in a full name ( John Martin Smith ).  I have multiple formulas in excel to break down a full name and turn it into a first name, middle name and last name.  Does anyone have any tips to convert these excel formulas into Filemaker?  


LEN(cell with Full Name) FIND(" ",cell with Full Name) RIGHT(cell with Full Name,A1-B1) IFERROR(FIND(" ",C1),0) IF(D1=2,LEFT(C1,1),"") IF(LEN(E1=1),CONCATENATE(E1,"."),"") IF(D1>2,LEFT(C1,D1-1),IF(LEN(F1)=2,F1,"")) LEFT(cell with Full Name,B1-1) LEN(C1)


I see some of the same formulas offered in FM however I don't see "Find" in FM and am wondering if that will be a roadbloack.  


Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.