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Converting File from .fp5 to 13 Help

Question asked by russellhaney on Feb 27, 2014
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Converting File from .fp5 to 13 Help


     Hello all, I've been reading your post and have really helped me in my learning. I've came across a issue in my scripts from Filemaker 6 when i convert to filemaker 13. 

     My filemaker 6 database read's the following:

     If ("Quote Form\BinderyGroupQuote#::Run Qty 1>0")

     but when converted to 13 it look's like this:

     If (${Quote Form\BinderyGroupQuote#}::Run Qty 1 > 0)

     I know that the $$ is to hold something in memory but couldn't find out why in conversion process it put a single $. If anyone can help me on this issue I would really appreciate it.