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Converting Filemaker installer to .pkg file on Mac

Question asked by sovereign_1 on Aug 16, 2009


Converting Filemaker installer to .pkg file on Mac


Hi guys,


Our company has a large installation base of Filemaker Pro. 

We are currently transitioning to a new version but need to support Filemaker Pro 6 and as such, need to create a network distributable installation for our Macs.


I'm doing this using Jamf software's Composer, but running into trouble where I suspect Filemaker Pro installs required files into hidden paths.


My question is, if anyone can help - Has anyone packaged Filemaker Pro software before successfully? Or alternatively, is anyone able to give me a list of all files the standard Vise installer installs? My Composer app only detects Filemaker Pro 6 folder in applications and a few unimportant user files.  


Difficult request I know, but it is really doing my head in, we don't often have dramas attempting to create .pkg files from other installations.