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    Converting FM 4.01 files won't work on Mac.



      Converting FM 4.01 files won't work on Mac.


      Hi all,

      I'm trying to convert a few old FM 4.01 files with FM 11 and it won't work. Here's what happens: When I open the old file I get a message that the file needs to be converted. When I click OK it then comes back and says that this is a FM 4.01 file and can only be accessed with FM 4.01.

      Here's what the log says:

      2011-08-06 20:28:56.160 +0200    Boeken Oud    0    Conversie is begonnen. (=conversion started)
      2011-08-06 20:28:56.161 +0200    Boeken Oud    0    Versie: 4.01.
      2011-08-06 20:28:56.161 +0200    Boeken Oud    0    Conversie is afgebroken. (=conversion aborted)

      And that's it.

      I have also tried it with FM 6 (downloaded the trial version), but that didn't work either.

      I'm on a Mac. Any ideas?