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Converting FM 4.1 files to FM 11, missing records...

Question asked by MichaelDeLaRosa on Oct 5, 2010
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Converting FM 4.1 files to FM 11, missing records...


I am converting some old FileMaker Pro 4.1 files to FileMaker Pro 11 files.  Most of the files and records have been converted successfully without any problems.  However, I have one small file that will convert without reporting any errors and the file structure is all in place from the previuos version, but the original file contains 357 records and the converted file only has 234 records. 

Before converting I made sure that I did a 'Find All' command so that all records are displayed in the original file. 

I also tried converting the file on another computer that has FileMaker Pro 8 and got the same results.

Any ideas as to why these records would be dropped from the converted file?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help here.