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    Converting FM Pro V3 to V10



      Converting FM Pro V3 to V10


      I have just installed FM Pro Ver.10 to Windows Vista 64 bit. I have 30 files written with Ver 3 under Windows XP. All the files converted well except for 10. These 10 when I select "RECORDS" I find that the "delete" section is "greyed out", therefore not allowing me to delete individual files. The remaining other files work fine. I have no special functions on these files. Does anyone have an idea as to what is wrong?

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          First check the obvious:


          Any chance you are in preview mode? (That will "grey" out the delete options.)

          Any chance a script is running or password permissions don't allow you to delete records?


          If all else fails, check the file for corruption. Try recovering the file and see if the recovered file exhibits the same behavior. If recovering the file fixes the problem, replace your file with an undamaged back up copy if you have one.