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Converting fm11 to fm12 and importing/upgrading

Question asked by JCPython on Jul 7, 2012
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Converting fm11 to fm12 and importing/upgrading


Ok so i take the .USR file thats used in the runtime solution made with fm11 of one of many users, i take that file and convert it to a .fmp12 file but i dont use the fmp12 extension, i use .HPR as i always have


When i use my import script to import the tables data from the newly converted file it performs the script but does now actually import anything.


Im trying to automate this so users dont have to send me there .USR files to me to have them converted, i added a button that rns the convert file script step, but when users try to import from the converted file they either get a authorization error or it runs the script but nothing gets imported.


the users are using a fm12 runtime to import the data into so i dont understand what the problem is, i see in file>manage>security there is a tab to authorize certain files but i dont understand how it works especially with multiple users on different systems.