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Converting FP7 runtime files with FM12 Runtime

Question asked by skagpatrick-disable on Nov 11, 2013


Converting FP7 runtime files with FM12 Runtime



     I'm updating a runtime solution based in FileMaker Pro 11 to one based in Runtime 12.

     Most imports are text based and hassle free but I have two backup files holding images and so are stored in Fp7 format, using a custom extension or .FP7

     When I run my conversion using FMA12, all files convert and the data is transferred.

     When I run the same process  in Runtime 12 the system informs me that the files cannot be converted as the files do not belong to the same solution

     Both files have the same binding key

     The newly converted files have my custom extension but on opening turn out to only have been renamed but still need to be converted 

     Is this a bug or an unsupported activity in Runtime !

     I cannot possibly see why !


     Many thanks !



     Patrick Vallely

     Skagerrak Software

     Auckland New Zealand