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Converting from .fp7 to .fp10 (Mac)

Question asked by 13CBS on Oct 1, 2009
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Converting from .fp7 to .fp10 (Mac)


Macintosh version 10.5.8

Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced  

Minimal experience with the program




I'm trying to Manage a certain database on my company's Macintosh, but since the versions appear to be incompatible, the Manage option is grayed out (I also can't access things like the Layout, or add new Records). All I know is that the older version's file extensions are .fp7 (opposed to the Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced file extension, .fp10). Is there a way to update the database to .fp10 without messing it up too much? Or, at the very least, enable me to Manage the database's records?