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    Converting from .fp7 to .fp10 (Mac)



      Converting from .fp7 to .fp10 (Mac)


      Macintosh version 10.5.8

      Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced  

      Minimal experience with the program




      I'm trying to Manage a certain database on my company's Macintosh, but since the versions appear to be incompatible, the Manage option is grayed out (I also can't access things like the Layout, or add new Records). All I know is that the older version's file extensions are .fp7 (opposed to the Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced file extension, .fp10). Is there a way to update the database to .fp10 without messing it up too much? Or, at the very least, enable me to Manage the database's records? 

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          Don't believe there is a .fp10 extension, or at least we don't use it and just use .fp7


          Sounds more like your user doesn't have enough privilages to do what you want. 

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            FMP10 uses the fp7 extention. There is not converting file format.If you have those features greyed out, that means that you do not have access to it with the account that you are using. Try logging in with an account with Full Access.



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              FP7 is the extension / fileformat for FMP ver 7, 8, 9, and 10.

              It sounds like the user you are logged in as does not have administrative priviledges.


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                I see...I'm going to try to get those privileges, then. Until then, I'm going to keep this thread open in case I encounter more problems.


                Edit: How does one "log in" as someone with full access? I can easily obtain the password from my boss, but I don't know how to even get to the login page, if there is such a thing.

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                  The preferences for a specific database can be set to automatically log in a specific User.

                  To bypass this automatic login (from Filemaker Help)


                  To temporarily bypass the default password and enter a different one, press Shift (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while opening the file.


                  You can also bypass the openingscript by opening the file with a script from another file.


                  Having an copy of the database that is not set for automatic anything is a good idea.

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                    I have a similar problem to 13CBS in that my fp7 files are not opening properly in FM10 Pro.  I was running FM8v3 on a Mac G5 running OSX 5.8 (Leopard).  When I upgraded to a new computer running Snow Leopard 10.6.1, I was told that there wouldn't be any problem but when I attempt to open my DB, I can't see my files.  I subsequently purchased the upgrade to FM10 Pro again being told that this should take care of the issue.  It didn't.  The main menu opens but my buttons are empty. If I select one, it will open the appropriate section but it won't see my records.  It shows me the number of records I have but all of the fields are blank. 


                    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. 


                    Thank you 

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                      Posting your question on an existing thread is often called "hijacking the thread" and is discouraged.

                      It is also in your best interest to create a new thread with a very descriptive title.

                      The Sticky notice at the top of this forum should also be followed.


                      Current version of FMP 10 is 10.0.3 - have you applied the update?

                      Have you run any maintenance utilities on your OSX? Repaired permissions?

                      Make a NEW user and log in as that user - do you see the same results?


                      There are many posts on the internet about Snow Leopard and Filemaker problems.

                      The troubleshooting steps recommended are...

                      Create a new database from one of the templates - does it display correctly?

                      If you copy a layout from the NEW correctly displaying database and paste the layout items into a COPY of your database, does the pasted material display correctly?

                      Font Issues - can you open a COPY of your database and change Fonts and see changes?

                      Old Fonts may not display or not display correctly.


                      This link Google  <filemaker "snow leopard"  site:discussions.apple.com>

                      will bring up discussions on the Apple Site


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                        My apologies.  I had no idea that is what I had done.  I thought it was all related.


                        Thank you for your help.