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    Converting from 5.5 to 9



      Converting from 5.5 to 9


      Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I have 5.5 and trying to get it to run on 9. unable to get it converted. I have 6 and 9, unable to get it work in 6 or 9. I have brought it 2.1 to 3 to 4 to 5.5 and now I am stuck..


      Please help 

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             When i try to open the file using 6 it gives me the error of file was not created by filemaker or is severely damaged and connot be opened. I have done a recovering in 5.5 and 5.5 will still open it but 6 or any others will not
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               Sometimes one version of Filemaker willl identify or cannot tolerate corruption that another can. Your best option is to find another backup copy of your 5.5 file that isn't damaged.
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              I have tried the 4 version also. 




              any other idea's???? please.. 

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                The most likely points of corruption is the conversion from ver2.1 to ver3.

                You can go directly from ver2.1 to ver6 with a conversion.

                This is the same platform (Win or Mac?)


                Can you open the ver2.1?

                How did it get to it's current location - copy from HD to HD? was always on the HD?, floppy copy? network transfer? 

                If so duplicate the database using the operating system.

                Save a clone copy in ver2.1  (no records)

                Do a recover of that clone in ver2.1


                Convert the recovered clone with ver6

                Convert the orginal ver2.1 with data with ver6 (or export the data from ver2.1 to tab delimited file

                Do a recover with ver6 of the converted recovered clone

                You will now have a recovered converted recovered clone 

                Make sure the name is changed to the orginal, import the data and test.


                Do the same process when converting from ver6 to ver9

                If you encounter errors at any point in the process, screencap the error message or write it down.

                Keep a checklist of the process.


                Or recreate the database in Filemaker 9 and import the data. 

                Good Luck


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                  aright boys,


                  the computer that the original file is on a power mac g3, it has no usb, cd does not burn. The only way I get files off the computer is upload to my web server and down load the file to my new computer.


                  I have gone back to the ver 2.1, the original file name was GP&M old. Made a clone copy of the file, through file maker, named it clone21. It made copy with no records.


                  Open the clone copy, it had no records, no layout, nothing.


                  used the recover option in filemaker, selected the original file. It created a file named recovered GP&M old


                  The recovered GP&M old file, open in ver 2.1 with all records and layouts.


                  Upload the recovered GP&M old file to a web server, then download it to the new computer.


                  Started ver 6, then click and drag recovered GP&M old to the icon on the dock. It converted file to GP&M old converted.fp5


                  open the new file, and got a bunch of trash in the database, no records or layouts.


                  If anybody see what i have done wrong, please inform me.



                  The old computer is a mac and the new computer is a mac


                  I have ver 2.1, 3, 4, 5.5, 6, 9


                  I have gotten the file work inversion 5.5 working on the old mac. but unable to get it to the new mac running 6.


                  The original file has close 1600 records and 10 layouts.


                  I am hoping to get it working ver 9, so if anybody believes that they could get this done, please let me know if it would cost or you feel up to the challenge. Or somebody has easy to follow instructions that a okie can follow, that would be great.

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                       Before you spend money or send someone your file (I think you sent me a copy, but didn't reply when I asked you about it), Try giving the file the appropriate suffix like it was a windows copy and see if it behaves any differently. Just a shot in the dark, but a quick, cheap one if it works for you.
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                      change it to .fp5 and drag it to the icon on the dock and got the error "was not created by filemaker or is severely damaged and cannot be opened.




                      sorry if i didn't respond to your email. 

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                        Not a big deal on the email. It's just that I get a number of such files sent to me and I needed to know what I was looking at. When you didn't reply I just figured you'd gotten things working on your own or with someone else's help.


                        It's possible that you won't be able to get your file to convert. 2.1 files had a pretty limited list of layout, field and script options. You may be better off exporting the data as a tab file, (Or a merge file if that's an option.) and importing the data into a new filemaker 9 file. You'd have to rebuild your layouts from scratch, but may want to do this anyway in order to exploit some of the new possibilities that filemaker 2.1 never even dreamed of.


                        If you'd like to send me the 2.1 file for a look, email it to me with an explanation of what file version you are sending and what you'd like me to do. If you don't still have my email address, post the file to a share site or send me a private message so I can send you my email address.