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Converting From FM 6 to FM 10 Advanced

Question asked by maxstar on Jan 11, 2012
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Converting From FM 6 to FM 10 Advanced


For years, I have used a FileMaker 6 Solution that consists of about 50 related databases.  I purchased version 10 Advanced when it was first released but am only now needing to convert my old solution to the new format.  I read the Knowledge Base article from version 8.  It was clear about how to process the conversion.  However, rather than having one database with 50 tables, I now have one database connected to 50 external data sources.  It takes a long time to open and runs rather slowly.  

How can I move the external data sources so that they are all related tables in one database solution?  I read through many posts and can't seem to find a clear answer.  PLEASE HELP!