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    Converting from Microsoft Access



      Converting from Microsoft Access


      My company is going to FileMaker Pro so I am trying to convert some Access databases to FileMaker. In Access I did some pretty wierd things. One of the things I did required the use of the Access Requery command. Is there anything similar to the Requery command in FileMaker Pro? What I was doing was using a sequence of pull down menus to select a desired item where the next pull down menu was dependent on the results of the previous pull down menus. The Requery command allowed me to make a new selection in one of the pull down menus without having to start the selection process over again from the top.

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          I've done a fair amount of development in MS Access as well as Filemaker, but I'm having trouble understanding your description here.


          Let's say you have two drop downs in filemaker: The first uses the value list "Type" and displays the options Fruit and Vegetable. The second is conditional on the first and displays either apple, pear, peach or lettuce, carrot, beet.


          You select vegetable, then beet and you see the record for "beet" appear. You then want to go back and select carrot without first selecting vegetable?


          If so, that's easily done in filemaker 10. You simply use a script trigger set for either OnObjectExit (drop down lists) or OnObjectModify (pop up menus) to perform a find. You'd set up your two value list fields with global fields (gType and gProduct) to hold the values independent of the current record and whether or not you are in browse mode.


          Your script:

          Enter Find Mode []

          Set Field [Table:: ProductName; Table::gProduct]

          Set Error Capture [on]

          Perform Find[]


          The perform find does what I think you would have requery do with your Access Form.

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            Thanks for the information. I believe you have correctly interpreted what I am trying to do and I think you have answered my question. In my case there were 10 different fields that were cascaded in this manner. The object was to pick two values from one table and use them to create a linked entry in a second table. Once the link was created and I moved onto the next entry via this selection process the previous results were still displayed so I only had to pick up the sequence where the selection differed and proceed down the list from there. It was a great time saver when the next entry consisted of a change in the 9th field and I didn't have to redo the previous 8.


            Thanks for the help.

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              What's puzzling me is why you would have to "redo" any of the previously selected values in either database system. When I set up such a system in Access, I wrote a SQL expression for the form's record source that referenced each combo box none of which were linked to an actual field. (In Filemaker, you'd use global fields). Then exiting/updating any such combo box triggered an event I trapped that re-evaluated the by using it to update the form's record source.


              In Filemaker, I'd simply perform a new find at that point, using all the values in the drop down formatted fields to set up the find request(s) needed to pull up the desired set of data.

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                The one thing I never got into was SQL statements. The Requery command solved my problem quite nicely.


                By the way, could you suggest a good book on FileMaker Pro? I'm going through the User Guide but that is at a pretty basic level and I usually have trouble with program help files as the people that write them don't seem to think the same way I do hence I have trouble finding things in them.



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                  And Filemaker Help has some significant gaps where they don't tell you everything about a feature that they should which can "help" you right off a cliff sometimes.


                  I've never purchased a book on Filemaker (been using it since it was Filemaker Pro 2.5). Others can post book recomendations. You can also research user reviews for such a book on Amazon.

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                       Thanks a lot. I'll do that.