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    Converting from PC to MacBook



      Converting from PC to MacBook


      I just recently switched over to MAC from PC. I have a stand alone database/sales order management program that was created with FileMaker Pro....however, I do not/did not have Filemaker Pro "running" or "loaded" onto my PC for it to function (if that makes sense). 

      Is their a way to "convert" that database to run on my MAC without having to use Parallels and install Windows on my mac?

      Thanks for any tips that could be shared; and a preemptive apology for the overabundance of quotations... :)

      ps. Ideally I would like to run this program on my mac and then be able to access it with FIlemaker Go from my iphone

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          Michael Blake Gore:

          Thank you for your post.

          The database file can be read by both FileMaker Pro for Mac and FileMaker Pro for Windows.  Therefore, you can move the database file from your Windows machine to a Mac.  However you will need FileMaker Pro available on the Mac, so be sure to install FileMaker Pro on the Mac, and then you can use the database file under Mac OS.

          FileMaker Go can access a database file on either Windows or Mac OS.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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             I have a stand alone database

            It's possible also for someone with FileMaker Advanced installed on a windows machine to rebind your database file to a runtime copy of Filemaker for windows. Of course, if you have to pay someone to do this, the cost may be close to what you pay to buy a copy of FileMaker so that may not make $ense to do that in your case.

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              First, thanks for the quick replies (PhilModJunk and TSGal).....if I may, here is one more question:

              My computer literacy is about to show:

              So the information in the database can be brought over....but what about the visual formating and funtionality of that database, the forms that were created, etc...does all of that just "convert" and carry over as well? Or do I have to rebuild the "templates" and "forms" to use the data?

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                First, please run my last post in reverse. Since you are moving from PC to Mac you would need someone with Filemaker Advanced installed on a Mac, not a PC to make the runtime conversion. (And if the original developer locked things up tight, this may not be possible without his assistance.)

                Moving from PC to Mac should work very cleanly as long as only "plain vanilla" fonts where used in the layouts. If the font used on the PC is not one installed on the Mac, you might get very different results which might not work for you. If you acquire FileMaker for Mac and the runtime file hasn't been crippled to prevent design changes by removing all full access accounts, it's fairly easy to fix such superficial issues.

                Windows system take a bit more vertical and horizontal space to display the same text on a Mac. That can create text clipping/wrapping issues when you move from Mac to PC, but since you are moving from PC to Mac, this shouldn't be an issue except where a totally different font might get substituted.

                I suggest downloading the 30 day free trial copy of FileMaker and trying to open your database file with it. That will be a no cost to you way of finding out whether this is an issue or not.

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                  Great Idea! Thank you...I am going to download the free trial....