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Converting Multiple Records to a .txt file

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 10, 2014
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Converting Multiple Records to a .txt file



     Hello Forum, and as always Phil.  I'm trying to take a set of found records and change them into a properly formatted text file, so I can load this file on a SD card, and use it on a proprietary on-board computer for a delivery truck (ASCII).

     The data needs to be padded out 512 bytes per line. 

     The first line of the text file must be a blank record with specific formatting--so I made that a global field & on the layout put it in the header.

     The next multiple lines are the customer records--so I made a calculation field that concatenates all the info, properly padded to 512 bytes--so I made that a calculation field and put it into the body part of the layout.

     After that, the file must be appended with 1000 blank records, and 1000 load records.  I made each a global text field and put them in the footer field.  It looks fine in list view.

     So I think my problem lies in the layout because when I export this I get the following:







     etc., etc., 

     What I need is:


         All the records in the found set


     I tried to put all the text into the record field (which is a calculation) but hit my limit of 3000


     If you need anymore info, I will be happy to comply.  Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.