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    Converting numbers to symbols



      Converting numbers to symbols


      I need to have a field that will convert a dollar amount to symbols so that our volunteers won't know the exact amount of the previous year's donations.  Can I do that?  I'm thinking it would be a calculation field that references the summary field but I haven't been able to figure out what the formula would be.  Any suggestions?

      Thanks so much


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          What about something like:


          Case ( Get ( CurrentDate ) - DonationDate > 365; Substitute ( DollarAmount; [0; *]; [1; *]; [2; *]; ... [9; *]); DonationDate )


          Assuming, of course, that you still want them to know how many digits were in the number (just not the actual amount).  If you don't want that, then just fill in the center part with "Hidden".


          Hope that helps. 

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            Wow, quick response.  Thanks I'll try that.  I actually need different symbols  for different amounts, but I think I see how that would work too.


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              Thanks for your help jsalzer.  This is what I came up with. There is probably a more elegant solution, but it works.

              Case (PldgeAmt>51; "$";

              PledgeAmt > (50) and PledgeAmt < (101);"$$";


              PledgeAmt > 500; "$$$$$$"