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    Converting paths to photo links



      Converting paths to photo links




      I’m using FileMaker 8.0v1 on Windows running XP (SP3). I exported data from another database application to a text file (only option that was available). I imported those text files into FileMaker and recreated the relationships between the tables. Several tables had photo fields, so the import into FM of those fields contain the path, not the photo. The photos are stored locally on my C drive as is the FileMaker file. So, what I see then in the photo container in FM is the text path, not the photo. What I’d like to see is the photo.


      How do I convert that text path to a link that actually will show me the photo? I’m pretty good with FM, but not so much with scripts. I suspect that a script could update all those fields, I just have no idea how to do it.





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          You'll need to reformat the path to fit what a store by reference container in filemaker expects.


          If your path starts with the C drive and ends with the name of the file, all you need to do is insert imagewin: at the beginning of the path.


          Here's an example from one of my DB's:



          imagewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/Phil/My Documents/My Pictures/PolyButton.JPG


          You can manipulate your container field just as though they are text fields for this so you can use a replace field contents (by calculation) operation to insert the additional text into the beginning of each container field.

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            Perfect! Thank you.